Les solutions du dermatologue pour vos problèmes de peau

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Don't turn up your nose at Botox !

Thinking about Botox you imagine wrinkles disappearing as melting snow. Botox works differently. Botox has the function of temporarily neutralizing the excessive tension of muscles. Only wrinkles that are formed by frowning or other facial expressions can improve with Botox. Not the other wrinkles. But... muscles and their tension influence the position of crucial structures in the face like the posture of our eyebrows, our lips and... our nose...  

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The secret recipe of a Top cream!

Making creams can be compared with cooking. Selecting excellent ingredients – there is a big difference in quality - and choosing the adequate recipe to ensure the efficiency of the ingredients – that is where precision and experience are to be found. Nextthe formulation is translated into combinable modules that suite your skin type – that is where the secret and the knowledge of Ikari is found!

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Vous avez des si beaux yeux!

A radiant look is the ultimate sign of youthfulness. The first signs of aging usually occur in the area around the eyes. Moisture, dark circles, overhanging eyelids, wrinkles and puffiness.. A brief outline of the most common problems and their solutions.

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Skin measurement

Why even speculate what the needs of our skin are, if we have measurement tools and knowledge at our disposal. Skin analysis or skin biometrics is a real science. The language of skin is finally revealed.

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The ageing process of our skin

Follow us on a journey through the wonderful world of the skin. A small skin fragment, the size of a pea, is enlarged with the scope so that the skin structure becomes visible at microscope level. From babies to the elderly, the life of the skin is projected on top speed. 84 years older in just 1 minute. Fortunately, in reality we can show the film in the opposite direction. Anti-aging at its best.

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The secret of a young face

If you observe a child carefully you can reduce the secret of a youthful face to 4 elements.

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The face lift of the 21st century


Young people have a full face. With age we lose fat in the face. The cheeks become hollow, we lose fat around the eyes and finally we get a sunken mouth.

This gives the false impression of excess skin, which formerly was promptly excised. The result was a striker and expressionless face with a taut skin. Not very natural.


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